Wheel Chair Distribution

Finacial Support For Treatment

School Kit Distribution

We can change life with the help to people

Major goals of the trust include Charity Works, Educational Aids and Cultural Enhancement so the society. All the communities are included in the activities of the trust.

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Become VolunteerBecome Volunteer

We extended our activities to different areas of the society with the support from kind minds in and around Erumeli. We are happy that we could enlighten the life of many people with our activities.

Send DonationSend Donation

We can change life with the help to people. You can help lots of people by donating little.

Finacial Support For Education

Youth wing distributed Free School kit for economically backward students


Food Kit Distribution

Distributes food kit to economically backward families. Instead of distributing in a public function, we reached up to each family to save their identities and dignity.


The value of a man resides in what he gives and not in
what he is capable of receiving...
- Albert Einstein